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About me

I have recently obtained a bachelor degree in computer science. Im currently studying web development via Udemy. Additionally, i have experience in web design.

I live in a rural town in South Australia. I have a pet cat called "Mish". My goal is to get hired as a front-end developer and grow in the field. Other interests include watching movies, gaming and music.

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Face Recognition App

This app utilizes face detection functionality. The front end uses react, the back end express.js. User data is stored in a postgres database with encrypted passwords. (Please note: because it is on a free account with Heroku, it may take 20 seconds for the server to spin up).

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Graphics Portfolio

A simple site that showcases some of the graphic work i have done over the years. The majority of the designs were produced with illustrator. 3D work created in Maya.

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Adventure Site

In this project my aim was to produce an example landing page of a hypothetical adventure site. Much of the code was HTML, CSS with a little Javascipt.

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